A strong correlation exists between student appearance
and the perception of excellence.

Pineapple Cove Classical Academy students are required to dress and groom themselves in a way that aligns with our philosophy of maintaining a learning environment that focuses on the development of each student’s academic potential, personal character and leadership skills.

Our uniform policy and dress code foster an atmosphere in which the PCCA virtues can thrive:  Courage, Courtesy, Honesty, Perseverance, Self-Government, and Service. Daily reinforcement of strong personal habits promotes courtesy; the honor of self and others; modesty and discipline. Adherence to the code diminishes economic and social barriers between students; increases a sense of belonging and school pride; encourages good judgment; models good citizenship and encourages all to perform at their highest level.

All Pineapple Cove Classical Academy students are expected to be in school uniform during school hours and during all school activities and events unless otherwise specified. Attire which attracts undue or negative attention or which infringes on the rights or values of others is not considered to be in the spirit of the dress code not only for students, but also for staff and parents visiting the campus. Attire is expected to be clean, in good condition, business-like, and properly sized to fit. The Pineapple Cove Classical Academy school logo will be visible at all times.

Students, staff and parents are to commit to the code and remain dedicated to interacting with one another as ladies and gentlemen. In doing so, we are choosing to be actively engaged in the safe and secure, nurturing environment of this exceptional learning community.

Any medical or religious concerns or limitations that might preclude meeting the uniform guidelines should be addressed with the School Principal to determine if reasonable accommodations are necessary.

Peter Pan Navy Polo Shirt (Long or Short Sleeve)


Worn by K-6 grade females on P.E. days, this mandatory uniform shirt is worn by K-6 grade females on P.E. days. As a substitute, you can purchase the Interlock Polo if the Peter Pan style is not desired.


Peter Pan Collared Blouse (Long or Short Sleeved)


This mandatory blouse is worn by K-6  female scholars on non-P.E. days.


Uniform Broadcloth Perfect Shirt (Long or Short Sleeve)


This mandatory uniform shirt is mandatory for K-8 female and male scholars on non-P.E. days. 

Logo tee shirt

This mandatory tee shirt is worn by both Female and Male 7th & 8th grade scholars on P.E. days.

Khaki Bottoms

K-8 Female and Male scholars must wear khaki bottoms every day. Khaki bottoms must be purchased through Lands’ End and can range from pants, shorts, jumpers, skirts, and skorts. 

Athletic Mesh Shorts

Worn everyday during the P.E. period by 7th and 8th grade scholars. Scholars change into their P.E. uniform daily. 

School Uniform Boys’ Tie

This mandatory navy boys tie is worn daily by 7th & 8th grade male scholars.

School Uniform Cross Tie

This mandatory tie is worn by female 7th & 8th grade scholars daily.

**All photos displayed are credited to the Lands’ End website.**

Lands’ End is the sole provider of uniform pieces for PCCA students. To ensure uniformity, all required pieces, including tops, bottoms, outwear, and ties, must come from this vendor.

Our preferred school number is 900186206.

PCCA Uniform Frequently Asked Questions

PCCA is proud to partner with Lands’ End for all of our student uniform needs including uniforms shirts, bottoms, and outerwear. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our uniform policies.

My child is not yet in seventh grade. Can they still wear a tie?

A: Ties are a symbol of maturity and a privilege given to seventh grade students as they grow and mature. The wearing of ties is reserved for seventh and eighth grade students.

Am I allowed to personalize sweaters and outwear with students’ names or initials?

A: Students may have personalized outerwear and backpacks. Lands’ End will initial or personalize these items for a fee. Polos and button up oxfords should only have the PCCA logo on them.

How often will my child go to P.E.?

All students will go to P.E. twice a week. Elementary students (K-6) will wear polos on these days. Seventh and Eighth grade students have a separate P.E. uniform to dress in to on P.E. days. Parents will be notified of each classes’ P.E. days on the first day of school.

Can seventh grade girls wear the boys’ tie?

A: Seventh grade boys should wear the long necktie and girls should wear the cross tie.

What are the appropriate wear guidelines for leggings?

A: Leggings must be navy blue, do not need to have a logo, and may be worn underneath a skirt, skort, or jumper. They may not be worn alone.

What is the appropriate footwear?

A: Students should wear plain or mostly black, navy, white, or gray shoes. Sneakers should be worn everyday. Laces and shoe soles should also be these colors. No boots, high heels, or sandals should be worn as they are a safety hazard on the stairs.

Remember to label your child’s clothing; everything will look alike in the lost and found.